JesolOnIce 2017-2018

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JesolOnIce 2017-2018

JesolOnIce , the ice skating rink, in collaboration with Proloco , reopens in piazza Mazzini from Saturday 2 December 2017until Sunday 4 February 2018. In a romantic Christmas atmosphere, ice skating for everyone, individual and group lessons, and performances by professionalswill alternate on the ice skating rink.
Near the rink there will be attractions for children: Children’s train and the Horse Carousel.

Rink opening hours

  • Workdays: from 14.30 to 20
  • Before holidays: from 14.30 to 23
  • Holidays: from 10.30 to 23

Cost of the ticket (with skates service)

  • During holidays and days before holidays, including Saturday: reduced price (for children up to 8 years of age): 6 € per hour; whole price: 8 € per hour
  • From Monday to Friday : residents (adults and children): 5 euro without time limits (not valid during the Christmas holidays)

Information on ice skating lessons:
Marta, mobile 335.1247412

Information on the rink

Domenico De Cintio, mobile 333 8844889
Federico De Cintio, mobile 339 6217143

Source: Communication Office at the townhall


Other events

11/02/2017 - 11/02/2018
8 December 2017 - Sunday 11 February 2018 - piazza Marconi
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